Bike Share Pittsburgh, Inc

POGOH is operated by Bike Share Pittsburgh Inc. We are a small 501(c)3 non-profit located in the Strip District. Bike Share Pittsburgh constantly seeks feedback on the system through our customer service channels and community outreach. We hope to expand the POGOH network in order to serve additional Pittsburgh communities as well as install additional stations within our current network in order to make POGOH convenient for all of our customers.

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Mission & Values

The mission of Bike Share Pittsburgh Inc (dba POGOH) is to provide Pittsburgh with a joyful, sustainable, and affordable mobility service for all residents and visitors.


  • Availability & Connectivity

Bike Share Pittsburgh is dedicated to creating and expanding  connections  throughout Pittsburgh using an intuitive bikeshare system. We also encourage and support bike and pedestrian infrastructure initiatives that increase public connectivity throughout Pittsburgh.


  • Community Engagement

As a proud member of the Pittsburgh community, Bike Share Pittsburgh is devoted to playing an active, thoughtful role as a community partner and public resource. We hope to engage the city’s residents, visitors, and students in open dialogue about bikeshare and how we as an organization can grow to meet the needs of those we serve. Bike Share Pittsburgh is further committed to supporting city infrastructure and initiatives that make biking and walking an enjoyable means of mobility in our city.


  • Equity & Inclusivity

Bike Share Pittsburgh is dedicated to working with BIPOC communities and low-income neighborhoods to better connect residents to the bikeshare system through inclusive pricing models, station locations, partnerships, and public engagement. Bike Share Pittsburgh is also dedicated to ensuring our organization is a fun, inclusive place to work, and that our staff and board are reflective of all of the communities that bikeshare serves.


  • Remarkable Customer Experience

With a commitment to industry-leading customer experience, Bike Share Pittsburgh is obsessive about providing a high-quality bikeshare service that is reliable, safe, enjoyable, and easy-to-use. We strive to make our customers confident in our service, secure in sharing their information, and elated in their experience.


  • Sustainability & Community Health

Bikeshare helps to address urban challenges by reducing traffic congestion and carbon emissions, improving air quality, reducing vehicular collisions, improving public health and fitness, and reducing the overall cost of street maintenance. Bike Share Pittsburgh  is a valuable component of making Pittsburgh a more livable, diverse, and healthy city.


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Bike Share Pittsburgh is dedicated to creating a ubiquitous active transportation network that positions human powered transportation as an integral part of the larger public transit system in the city of Pittsburgh.

  • Station Density

Bike Share Pittsburgh is dedicated to improving service within pre-existing bike-sharing communities in order to make the system more convenient for riders. Through robust community engagement we will locate additional stations in existing neighborhoods to increase access and use of the system.

  • System Expansion

Bike Share Pittsburgh is dedicated to reaching more people and expanding public cycling opportunities by extending its network into new neighborhoods throughout the city. In order to continue connecting individuals, businesses, and communities, we aim to expand the established bike-sharing network.

  • Ridership

Through both station density and system expansion, Bike Share Pittsburgh hopes to both enlist new riders and increase use among registered users. Our community outreach efforts will focus on establishing ways to reach more individuals in need of alternative transportation as well as incorporating ongoing feedback to improve the system for current and potential users.

  • Bike-Sharing & Cycling Education

An integral part of any bike share system is creating knowledgeable, prepared, and capable riders. Through community outreach, Bike Share Pittsburgh prepares current and potential bike share users for the road ahead. Community outreach events include information on bike safety, bike share system use, and city navigation in order to provide bike share riders with a comprehensive knowledge of the benefits and challenges of cycling in Pittsburgh. These events are arranged for community groups, bike and pedestrian committees, non-profit organizations, businesses, and organizations of all shapes and sizes.

  • Outreach

Through direct community engagement, Bike Share Pittsburgh hopes to engage the public in any and all system expansion and neighborhood density discussions. Through these discussions, a primary directive is to tackle physical and financial barriers to the system in order to reach those in need of increased public transportation options.


A Brief History

Bike Share Pittsburgh, Inc. (dba POGOH) is a charitable organization founded in December 2012 and incubated by Bike Pittsburgh. The organization was created due to mounting interest in implementing a municipal bike share system in Pittsburgh from a collection of local leaders: planners at the City of Pittsburgh, business leaders at Walnut Capital, and bicycle/pedestrian advocates at Bike Pittsburgh.


Bike Share Pittsburgh launched the Healthy Ride system on May 31, 2015. The staff and partners continued installing stations throughout summer of 2015 reaching 50 stations and operating 500 bicycles. Pittsburgh residents embraced bike share and found ways to make short bicycle trips a part of their everyday routines. In late 2017, Bike Share Pittsburgh piloted one of the first-of-its-kind partnerships with the local transit agency, the Port Authority of Allegheny County. All Port Authority Connect Card pass holders received an unlimited number of short, fifteen minute trips, for free, simply by linking their accounts to Healthy Ride and tapping the Connect Card on a bicycle. During the one-year pilot in 2018, nearly one of every four trips recorded on Healthy Ride were attributed to Connect Card users.


The first Healthy Ride expansion rolled out in summer 2018 with funding from the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development, Multimodal Transportation Fund. By 2022, Healthy Ride maintained 106 bikeshare stations throughout the city. 


In 2022, Bike Share Pittsburgh underwent a complete system replacement and rebrand under a new system name: POGOH. Bike Share Pittsburgh selected PBSC Urban Solutions to provide all of the new hardware and software for POGOH. The equipment replacement effort came from a mounting interest in shared electric-assist bicycles, a lack of nextbike expansion and support in North America, and the upcoming shutdown of 3G network coverage, which the nextbike equipment relied on. Funding for the system overhaul came from local, federal, and state grants. The bike and station branding was designed by Landesberg Design in partnership with Bike Share Pittsburgh and local stakeholders.


POGOH launched on May 6, 2022 with 38 stations equipped with a fleet of 350+ bikes including traditional pedal bikes and e-assist bikes. The new system was designed holding Equity as the core value. Bike Share Pittsburgh established a Community Coalition of partners who helped prioritize inclusive pricing, station siting, and programming. POGOH debuted the first-ever Mobility Justice Membership that offers POGOH's Annual Membership to persons who receive government assistance for only $10 per year and no surcharges for e-assist bike rentals. There will also be a cash payment option using the Cash App available for the Annual Membership, Mobility Justice Membership, and Flex Pass. POGOH grew to 60 stations in 2023, and has already started funding for future expansions.

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