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Pittsburgh’s adaptive bike rental program. Adaptive POGOH creates access to cycling for people of all abilities.

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Adaptive POGOH is open every Wednesday and Sunday from 10am - 2pm from May 29 - September 29. Rentals are 2 hours and are offered at either 10am or noon. Adaptive POGOH offers a fleet of 7 different adaptive cycles available for rent at one location at the Eliza Furnace Trailhead Parking Lot on Swinburne St. 


Adaptive POGOH is free during our 2024 Pilot Program.

Want to support the Adaptive POGOH program? Make a donation. 

Rules & Regulations:
  • All riders must accept POGOH’s Terms and Conditions to rent or demo any of the Adaptive POGOH cycles. 
  • Riders must be 18 years or older.
  • Riders must leave a credit or debit card with the attendant while they're on their ride. This card will only be charged if equipment is not returned or is returned  damaged.
  • Riders may not return any Adaptive POGOH cycles to POGOH stations. All Adaptive cycles must be returned to the Adaptive POGOH rental site at the Eliza Furnace Trailhead Parking Lot
  • It is the riders responsibility to ensure the cycle is returned on-time to the rental location. 
  • A POGOH representative will be on hand to assist you with adjusting your seat and provide a safety overview of your cycle. 
  • Helmets are not required, but are strongly encouraged. Please bring your own helmet.
  • You must bring your own lock if you plan to leave your cycle at any time during your trip. You may not leave any cycle unattended and unlocked at any time. 
  • Loss or damage to the cycle is the responsibility of the rider.
Learn more about the Adaptive POGOH fleet:

Click on an image for manufacturer info.


Hand Tricycle

The hand tricycle provides an opportunity for people with limited mobility below the waist to ride independently. The hand tricycle is also ideal for those in need of back or trunk support. Some upper body strength is needed in order to pedal.


Low-Step Through

The low-step through bicycle is good for riders with limited ability to lift their legs over a seat or even over a higher step through frame. While this bike still requires good balance on your ride, it's good for someone with more limited motion in their knees or who struggles to balance on one foot while mounting a bicycle.

Tandem Bicycle

The two-wheeled tandem offers all the features of a two-wheeled bicycles while allowing for two riders. The tandem bicycle has a step-through frame allows riders to get on and off easily. The front rider, or captain, should be a confident bicyclist who is able to balance and generate a powerful start. The rear seat is great for the visually impaired, individuals who need problem-solving support, and those who are apprehensive about balancing a two-wheeled bicycle on their own.

Side by Side Tricycle

The side by side tricycle is a three-wheeled cycle that allows two riders to sit and communicate next to each other. This is a great option for those who are hesitant to ride or have anxiety about riding alone. It allows both riders the opportunity to steer, brake, and easily control speed while pedaling independently. There is a basket on the back for luggage.

Cargo Bicycle

The cargo bicycle allows riders to transport materials or service animals with them on their ride. The cargo bicycle requires a confident cyclist with good balance who is strong enough to pedal both themselves and whatever they're bringing in the cargo bucket.

Adult Tricycle

The adult tricycle offers more stability for those who struggle with balance on a two-wheeled bicycle. This trike does not offer back or trunk support, and requires an upright seating posture. There is a basket on the back for luggage.

Recumbent Bicycle

The recumbent bicycle is for riders with good balance, but who want more back and truck support. The recumbent bicycle is also for those who are anxious about a standard pedal bike that's high off the ground and want a relaxed seat that's easy to put your feet down.

If POGOH's Adaptive fleet doesn't have what you're looking for, check out our friends at Three Rivers Adaptive Sports and Joy Riders!

Dedicated volunteers providing quality sports and recreation opportunities to people with disabilities.

Joy Riders Pgh, in partnership with the Veterans Leadership Program of Pittsburgh, allows individuals of all ages who have physical limitations to enjoy a scenic ride in Pittsburgh along the Three Rivers Heritage Trail. Rides begin on the Millvale Riverfront and continue along the North Shore, offering a spectacular view of the city's rivers, stadiums and skyline. The bike is operated by specially trained volunteers and there is no charge to enjoy a ride. 

Thank you to AARP for providing the resources to make Adaptive POGOH a reality. We would not be able to offer this program without their generosity.