Ambassador Ride: Angela’s “Pride Ride”

This ride is primarily for those who identify as LGBTQ+/questioning. I hope that this ride not only promotes LGBTQ+ health but also allows the queer community in Pittsburgh to meet one another and to know we do have a community! Additionally, we stopped at the queer-owned business Kards Unlimited.

Sam Huynh, a senior at the University of Pittsburgh stated, “The bike event with Angela was a great experience. I’ve never been on a healthy ride bike before and so I was really looking forward to it. It made me more comfortable knowing I was with experienced people such as Angela and Zeke, who explained the rules of the road and how the bike works. It actually promoted me to rent healthy ride bikes on my own, which I really enjoy now.”

Aggie Reyes, another senior at the University of Pittsburgh stated, “Here’s my pride ride experience: I loved exploring via bicycle with Angela! They were a friendly, patient tour guide and took us to some cool places. I definitely feel better about trying these healthy ride bikes on my own in the future because of this event!”