Ambassador Ride: C.C.’s “A Spoonful of Sugar Helps the Bike Ride Go Down” Ride

The ride, “A Spoonful of Sugar helps the Bike Ride Go Down”, was a beautiful ride in the Homewood area of Pittsburgh. Our ending goal was to treat ourselves with some delicious bake goods from Dana’s Bakery, a black owned bakery that has been around for many years in the Homewood area. This ride was also in collaboration with community leader, Lytia Brock. Lytia is a mother, pastor, author, and certified life/trauma coach, just to name a few of her titles. She is also the founder of Nourish LLC, Hippie Life Tea, and FIT Mom. It was great to collaborate with Lytia because she is a big part of our Pittsburgh community and enjoys riding bikes.

Our ride started outside of Everyday Café in Homewood on North Homewood Avenue. We geared up and off we went to explore Homewood.

We then went straight on North Homewood Avenue and made a left onto Hamilton Avenue and rode past the Afro American Music Institute. We continued straight on Hamilton Avenue and made a right on N Dallas Avenue, then turned right onto Kelly Street.

During our ride, we found a great mural and decided to take a picture to capture the beauty of it. After “flicking” it up, we went to Dana’s Bakery and got some sweet treats. The staff in Dana’s Bakery were so pleasant and helpful, one staff member even let us take a selfie.

After our selfie and sweet treats, we rode back on N Homewood Avenue to park our bikes at the station. Lytia presented the group with some of her new teas from her tea line, Hippie Life tea, and one of her best-selling books. If you would like to know more about Lytia Brock, please visit her website