An Update on Homewood Station Relocations

By Ricardo Solis, Community Initiatives Manager
Replacing a whole bike share system is not a quick or easy task! There is a whole lot of planning involved and our new system will be quite different from our current one. We’ve considered each of our neighborhoods individually and as a connected network in order to optimize our 2022 stations. Thus, we’re undergoing several station relocations as a part of this change. While some stations will be removed in 2022, several of them are finding new homes around the city… In Homewood, for example, we had to remove 3 stations, leaving only the one at Finance St. and Homewood Ave. But we’re working to find new homes for these 3 missing stations to be installed by the end of 2022…

These station relocations in Homewood come from evaluating a variety of factors:

Station size Community input Station performance Availability of new e-assist bikes

Stations removed:

Eccrue Way & Bennett StreetDue to the proximity to the Homewood & Finance station, we are removing this station in order to spread stations out in Homewood so that it’s more useful as a means of transportation for folks traveling in and around the neighborhood. Hamilton Avenue & North Dallas AvenueDue to low performance

These are the ideas for station relocations in Homewood:

Race St. & Brushton Ave.This location is close to housing and the student achievement center. Hamilton Ave. & N Braddock Ave.This proposed station was suggested by our community coalition members. It’s also near Dream BBQ. Hill Ave. & Rosedale St.This location would be perfect to better connect the community to transit, as it’s located by the busway stop. Frankstown Ave. & Fifth Ave.It’s close to restaurants like Showcase BBQ, Hook Fish and Chicken, and other stores. In an effort to obtain feedback from Homewood residents, we have been gathering key stakeholders to make sure everybody has a voice in these changes. Their knowledge and expertise has helped us rethink locations for our future stations.

Now, we would like to hear from all Homewood residents on their thoughts about our proposed stations. That’s why we created a survey that shows the current stations being proposed, and that will allow residents to provide feedback and even suggest new locations.
You can access the survey here. Feel free to share the survey with your neighbors! I hope you all are staying safe and warm during these cold days. I can’t wait to see you out there riding our new bikes in the Spring!