Black Girls Do Bike

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Words by Monica Garrison, Founder/Executive Director
Photos: BikePGH/Murphy Moschetta
What does the organization do?

Black Girls Do Bike Pittsburgh is a community organization focused on empowering and encouraging women of color to take up cycling. The organization is a chapter of the national movement, Black Girls Do Bike, which was founded with the goal of creating a supportive and inclusive environment for women of color to learn about, participate in, and enjoy cycling. The Pittsburgh chapter hosts regular group rides, workshops, and events to provide opportunities for members to connect with one another. Through their efforts, Black Girls Do Bike Pittsburgh is helping to promote healthy lifestyles, encourage community building, and inspire a love of cycling among women of color in the Pittsburgh area.

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Why do they do what they do?

Safe spaces for people of color are important. Non-competitive spaces for lady cyclists are important. Diving into cycling with a support system is important. Being connected to a larger nationwide network of lady riders is important. By providing a supportive community and a platform for growth and development, Black Girls Do Bike Pittsburgh is making a positive impact on the lives of its members and the broader cycling community.

How can people get involved?

People who are interested in getting involved in Black Girls Do Bike Pittsburgh can start by requesting to join our ladies-only Facebook group to find information on upcoming events and rides.

How can people support?

They can attend events and rides, volunteer, or participate in local campaigns and initiatives to support the chapter. Folks can also spread the word about Black Girls Do Bike Pittsburgh to their friends, family, and community to help grow the chapter and increase our impact.