It’s Official! Are You Ready to POGOH!?

Let’s Roll

POGOH bikeshare is celebrating our official launch today with a bike ride in Downtown. BYOBike and join us in Market Square at 3pm for a casual cruise down some of Pittsburgh’s best bicycling infrastructure. Bike ride is rain or shine, Pittsburgh-style.    Download the App PBSC App for iOS and Google Play
App Features: 
  • Rent bikes
  • See real-time station, bike, and dock availability
  • Locate e-assist bikes
  •  Log-in to your POGOH account
  •  Update your payment information
  • Contact Customer Support
Check the app throughout the next week. As we get our electric stations connected to the network, they will be on and off line throughout the week. So plan ahead!
POGOH will also offer Membership Cards that can be used to rent bikes. While the PBSC App is the best way to use the system, Mobility Justice Members will be provided a Membership Card for free at registration, and all other riders can purchase a Membership Card for $5 by contacting Customer Support:
>> Sign-Up
The App: Riders can sign up for any Membership or Pass via the PBSC App.
The Website: Annual Membership, Mobility Justice Membership, and Flex Passes can also be purchased on our website:
>> Rent The App: Scan the QR Code on the bike you’d like to rent to unlock POGOH Membership Card: Tap your Membership Card on the RFID reader on the right side of the dock.
  1. Mobility Justice Members receive a Membership card in the mail at registration
  2. All other riders can request a POGOH Membership Card for a $5 fee
>> Ride
Now the fun begins; go for a ride! Need help planning your route? Check out the Bike Pittsburgh Bike Map. >> Return
  1. Slide the bike into an available dock
  2. Wait for the green light to confirm the bike is locked
All bikes MUST be returned at official POGOH stations. Unlike the former Healthy Ride system, riders MAY NOT overflow stations. If there is not an open dock, you must find another nearby station with an open dock. Bikes left unlocked at stations or that are left unattended anywhere else are subject to fees up to the cost of bike replacement.   To learn more, visit POGOH’s How it Works page.