Meet the 2022 Community Ambassador Cohort!

The Community Ambassador Program is back! Bike Share Pittsburgh started this program back in 2018 as a primary means of activating our goals of equity and inclusion. We believe that bikeshare should be a resource for communities that offers everyone in Pittsburgh an affordable, reliable, and joyful means of transportation and recreation. It’s a big goal, and there’s a long way to go, but we’re dedicated to building an equitable bikeshare program for our city. Through the Community Amabassador program, we hope to break down barriers to bicycling in BIPOC communities and other marginalized populations through the direct support of the people and organizations already doing powerful, meaningful work. Each year we partner with individuals and organizations who are passionate about serving their communities and who are interested in exploring the intersections between bicycles, equity, health, wellness, mobility, and empowerment. Partners are an essential piece of POGOH’s mission and our commitment to building a bikeshare program that supports, serves, and uplifts a diverse Pittsburgh.  
This year, each of POGOH’s Community Ambassador’s are organizations. Each organization will host 2 bike rides throughout the summer, and the Community Ambassador cohort will also be planning a BIG community day in August; so stay tuned! We’re so excited to work with each and every one of these awesome organizations. The work that they do is inspiring and makes Pittsburgh a better place. 

So without further delay, allow us to introduce this year’s cohort of Community Ambassadors!


Pittsburgh Major Taylor Cycling Club

Pittsburgh Major Taylor Cycling Club is a non-profit organization dedicated to cycling and focusing on providing the novice, intermediate, and advanced cyclist an opportunity to ride, train, and socialize with other cycling enthusiasts. It conducts social and community activities, youth programs, and any other activities that will result in improving the development of cycling to the African American Community.


Ruach Bicycle Club

Based in Homewood, the Ruach Bicycle Club educates youth by focusing on science, technology, engineering, art, math, and bikes. Club members will learn bike science, health, mechanics and how to break down and rebuild bikes. This builds confidence and helps nurture problem solving skills along with making science and math relevant to today’s youth.      

Steel Rite Rollers

This Cycling group is formed of young black men that ride all over the city and promote the use of bicycles for recreational purposes. They welcome everybody to their rides.


World Affairs Council of Pittsburgh

The World Affairs Council of Pittsburgh is an independent, non-partisan, non-profit organization dedicated to promoting a deeper understanding of key contemporary international issues throughout Western Pennsylvania. Established in 1931, the Council is committed to informing opinion leaders and decision-makers about developments around the world as they unfold – and to educate them about the relevance of such developments to the region.

You can find out about upcoming bike rides and community events on POGOH’s Facebook event page!