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Words by Shequaya Bailey, President
Tell us a little bit about PMTCC

In May 2005, urban training rides were organized on both Pittsburgh’s flat and hilly terrain to prepare for the annual Pedal Pittsburgh ride. Bill Snyder introduced the group to Pittsburgh’s bicycle trails expanding their rides to the city’s North Shore, Western Pennsylvania’s Great Allegheny Passage (GAP) and Three Rivers Heritage Trail. In October 2005 “The Core Six” took a lunch break at a local restaurant in West Newton while riding along the GAP rail trail. During the lunch break they discussed plans for furthering  developing their cycling club and sketched on a napkin plans for creating club officers and bylaws. Since that time, the club has expanded and now operates as a 501(c) (3). 


Mario C. Browne, Co-founder and First PMTCC President continues to be a club member and serves as PMTCC President Emeritus. Three primary club initiatives created under Mario’s leadership are community service, youth outreach, and community partnerships.


The club continues to promote cycling to the BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, Persons of Color) youth of Pittsburgh through the MajorForceYouth Cycling Program. In addition, workshops on bicycle instruction and safety are held annually to promote cycling to novice riders along with the education on the health benefits of cycling in Pittsburgh communities. PMTCC continues to expand the club’s membership along with providing education on the benefits of cycling and promoting a healthy lifestyle. PMTCC is one of Pittsburgh’s most respected cycling clubs, organizes group “no drop” road and trail rides throughout Pittsburgh’s neighborhoods. PMTCC actively participates in Pittsburgh’s local bicycling events and fund raising activities

2022.06.06 PMTCC Hill Ride (7 of 47)
How will being a POGOH Ambassador help your organization achieve its goals?

To help spread the word about the club to the broader Pittsburgh region.

Looking at the POGOH Station Expansion map, which station in this year’s expansion are you most excited about? 

The stations in Homewood

Why did you apply to become a POGOH Community Ambassador this year?

To broaden the knowledge of PMTCC

2022.06.06 PMTCC Hill Ride (40 of 47)
What are you hoping to see at our Community Day on September 30th?

Folks enjoying themselves

What would you like to see for your community in the Greater Pittsburgh Area? 

The normalization of folks biking for recreation, commuting, and more connected infrastructure to support a more mobile community

2022.06.06 PMTCC Hill Ride (23 of 47)
How do you think the Community Ambassadors can help break down barriers to bicycling in Pittsburgh? 

Helping to spread the word about the bikes and show that all types of folks ride the bikes

What do you think the Pittsburgh biking community has been missing? 

More bike infrastructure in Black neighborhoods and areas just outside Pittsburgh to increase overall mobility