Get to Know the Steel Rite Rollers!




Words by Brother Lloyd, Founder

  • Tell us about yourself and your organization

Peace, my name is Brother Lloyd and the organization I represent is Steel City Rollers. Our mission is “to inspire change, encourage mindfulness, and connect generations through cycling and wellness”. The Site Rite Rollers are comprised of members Dorian McKinley, Gerald & Gerron Charlton, Darnelle Turner, Brennin Harris, and Brother Lloyd.

During the beginning of the pandemic, we chose the Rite Aid in Lawrenceville to be the starting point for our cycling adventures.  This all began as an attempt to regain some sense of normalcy and to stay fit. During our rides, our ideas of what community is, the importance of mentoring, and eating healthy began to align and gave birth to  Steel Rite Rollers.

2022.06.19 SRR (1 of 1)

Introduce the people involved with Steel Rite Rollers


Dorian McKinley, a member of POGOH's mechanic team, believes in hard work, dedication and leadership as well as reaching back and helping others progress in life. Gerald and Gerron Charlton, owner and operator of (IG: @veggiesnat} Veggies N’at Co. which is a vegan catering, meal prep and food truck operating company that serves the Pittsburgh Region.  Brother Lloyd Cheatom, a doctoral candidate and co-founder of “1Nation Mentoring”  which is a non-profit that helps youth by cultivating their leadership potential, empowering positive behavior & promoting healthy life decisions in school and in the community. They also host events like the annual 1Nation SneakerBall which helps bring awareness and support youth programs. Darnelle Turner, is a podcaster & tri-athlete, with 3 marathons already to his credit.  Lastly, we have Brennin Harris, who is the Manager of T-Mobile in East Liberty and is adamant about encouraging a healthy and active lifestyle through cycling and wellness.

  • How will being a POGOH Community Ambassador help your organization achieve its goals?

POGOH's Community Ambassador program supports the mission of Steel Rite Rollers through the partnership by allowing us to share their platform of community engagement through cycling. It will allow us to broaden and continue our mission of service in various communities by inspiring others while promoting and providing healthy activities, as well as encouraging mindfulness and invoking gracious space.

  • Why did you apply to become a POGOH Community Ambassador this year?

Steel Rite Rollers applied to become a POGOH Community Ambassador again this year hands down because of the culture, people, and environment that makes POGOH, POGOH. From the organizational leaders, staff, to the mechanics, everyone is super cool and down to earth.

2022.06.19 Steel Rite Rollers (2 of 2)
2022.06.19 Steel Rite Rollers (1 of 2)
  • What are you hoping to see at our Community Day on September 30th?

We are hoping to see a bigger turn out than last year's event. We hope to see more families and community leaders enjoying each others company as well being in nature.

2022.08.20 Wheels _ Wellness (29 of 170)
2022.08.20 Wheels _ Wellness (30 of 170)
  • How do you think the Community Ambassadors can help break down barriers to bicycling in Pittsburgh?

The Community Ambassador program can help break down barriers to bicycling in Pittsburgh by building inclusivity and creating lasting friendships from all walks of life through cycling. POGOH is committed to work with BIPOC communities and to engage in low income neighborhoods to provide means of transportation.

  • What do you think the Pittsburgh biking community has been missing?

One thing that the Pittsburgh biking community has been missing are sponsored cycling road racing events on the streets of Pittsburgh.