The new stations are coming! …But first, we’re making room…

As some of you may have noticed, Healthy Ride has started to remove stations that are NOT marked for removal on the Station Removal list. We apologize for any confusion or concern this may have caused for those of you who are directly impacted by these changes. But these stations will return. They’ll look quite different, but they will return with new equipment and a new look. Any stations that are not slated as removals on this list will be back in 2022.
As we make room for the new stations, all of our current stations will need to be removed in preparation for this transition. Our team cannot remove the Healthy Ride stations and install new stations same-day, and we’re also working against the clock on the drop in 3G coverage and trying to get these stations out of the way for a speedy install of the new equipment when it comes time. Thankfully, this is happening during our slowest season of the year so we’re hopeful that this impacts as few of our riders as possible.
We’ll continue to send out weekly Station Removal emails that will include stations slated for return in 2022 so that you know what to expect for the upcoming weeks during this transition. Bikeshare will launch with 30+ stations in April, and then we will continue to install stations through the Fall. By the end of 2022 we hope to have a total of 65 stations available. If you ever want to double check which stations will be returning in 2022, reference the Station Removal Map to know which of those stations will be returning on 2022. Or, you can always reach out to our awesome support team at In March, we’ll be releasing an even better map so that you can see where all of the new stations will be, rather than focusing on what’s being removed.
We know that this process is not easy for our riders, but all of this disruption does mean that we are getting closer to launching the new system. In March we’ll be announcing the new system name, the inaugural station map, the fresh new look, new website, new pricing, new equipment provider, and exciting news about timing for the official launch of the system. We’re going to be working overtime to prep this new equipment and get it back out there for our riders to enjoy. We hope to see you on these cool new bikes soon!