Women’s Bike Month – Joi

2023.03.07 Staff (6 of 13)


Customer Support Manager


Hi! I'm the Customer Support Manager for POGOH and have been with the organization since 2017. I had been working as a wood shop apprentice previously, but wanted to involve my time and efforts in something more positive which led me to bike share.
I love spending my time listening to the news for HOURS, blasting rap, watching Korean tv shows, and hanging out with my partner and furbabies!
Q: What's your favorite thing about working at POGOH?
A: Bikes have been such a great part of my life, both as a source of enjoyment and as a source of transportation. I love helping connect people with bikes - whether it's a first-time experience, a reconnection to a pastime, a visitor checking out our city, or someone trying to reach the food store. There's so much positivity around biking and it's used in so many different ways. I love facilitating that connection. I love that this role is always pushing me to learn new things as well. It never gets boring.
Q: Who taught you how to ride a bike? Tell us about it! What do you remember about riding bikes as a kid? What did your bike look like?
A: Being the youngest of 7 kids, teaching me to ride was a group effort. We often cruised the neighbourhood and bikes have always been a fun, positive part of my life. At first, I consistently had hand-me-down bikes from the older kids until I saved up my allowance and purchased my very own bike. It was a purple mountain bike from Walmart that cost me $75. I was so proud lol.
Q: What's your favorite thing about biking in Pittsburgh?
A: I love Pittsburgh and, in my experience, biking in the city vs. driving in the city feels so much more personal. You get to experience and know your city on a different level. I feel more connected to my city when I'm on a bike cruising through the streets.
Q: Where's your favorite place to ride in Pittsburgh? It can be a route, a destination, a bike lane or road, whatever feels good!
A: I really enjoy riding dahntahn along the river and the North Shore Trail. Pittsburgh is a beautiful city and you get such a great view of the city along this route. There are so many cool things along the way!
Q: How do you describe riding a POGOH e-assist bike to someone who hasn't ridden an e-bike before?
A: It's almost effortless and guaranteed to make you cheese! I love e-bikes. I love going fast. They're so much fun and I can't help cheesin' my whole ride. I highly recommend 🙂