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Sara Khalil

Director of Operations

Hi! My name is Sara Khalil and I'm the Director of Operations for Bike Share Pittsburgh. I've worked in this role since 2019, but I have been with the company in various roles since 2015. I love working in public transportation because I enjoy being able to help folks get from point A to B on a bike (affordably!)
In my free time, I like to play with my pup, race with other babes on bikes, or go out for a good meal 🙂
Q: What's your favorite thing about working at POGOH?
A: Other than being around bikes all day, I'd have to say our team. The level of commitment from our staff to provide the best customer experience is unmatched.
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Q: Who taught you how to ride a bike? Tell us about it!
A: My dad taught me how to ride a bike when I was a kid. He used to run and I'd try my best to keep up beside him. Eventually, I used my bike to get around the neighborhood, and by the 3rd grade commuted by bike to school.
Q: Where's your favorite place to ride in Pittsburgh?
A: I love to ride in the Allegheny Cemetery. It's just big enough to get lost in, yet small enough that you can get in and out in a quick lunch break.
Q: How do you describe riding a POGOH e-assist bike to someone who hasn't ridden an e-bike before?
A: Like riding without sweat.
Q: What's your favorite thing about biking in Pittsburgh?
A: The people riding the bikes.
Q: Anything else you'd like to include?
A: Let's bike!
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