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POGOH offers a public service in Pittsburgh for all, and we are dedicated to creating the most equitable and inclusive service that reflects the diversity of our city. As POGOH introduced and all-new hardware and software provider in 2022, including the introduction of e-assist bicycles, we gathered a diverse coalition of Pittsburgh leaders to help inform the launch, success, and community support of the new system. Bike Share Pittsburgh is dedicated to building the best bike share program for all of Pittsburgh, and to achieve this, we need more people in the conversation and decision-making process.

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2024 Annual Meeting

March 20, 2024

3 - 5pm

Join POGOH leadership, stakeholders, riders, and mobility advocates for our second annual meeting to learn from equitable mobility leaders, review POGOH's annual long-range planning, and review 2024 plans for continuing to build the best bikeshare program for Pittsburgh with a focus on our new Adaptive POGOH program.

  • Free event
  • Open to the public
  • Light food & beverages provided


3 - 3:15 pm Welcome
3:15 - 4pm Speakers
  • Keynote: Adaptive MoGo with Adriel Thornton, Executive Director: MoGo, Detroit's non-profit bikeshare program 
  • David White, Executive Director, Bike Share Pittsburgh (POGOH)
4 - 5pm Networking & Activities
  • Test Ride the Adaptive POGOH Fleet
  • Phase 3 Expansion Planning
  • Events & Bike Rides
  • Equitable Transportation Survey
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Adriel Thornton

A native of Detroit, MI, Adriel Thornton has been an entrepreneur, community activist, creative contributor, and nightlife convener. As MoGo’s Executive Director, Adriel utilizes his expertise in community relations to execute, with the other members of the MoGo team, community interactions, events, and representational opportunities that propel the MoGo brand forward. Thornton is also responsible for overseeing all aspects of the nonprofit organization, including fundraising, strategic direction, and more.

Who makes up the Coalition?

POGOH’s primary strategy for accomplishing an Equity-built bike share program is through a Community Coalition composed of:

  • City leadership
  • Community leaders
  • POGOH riders
  • BIPOC leaders
  • ADA representatives
  • Cyclists
  • Youth representatives
  • Seniors

These leaders serve as a committee to our Board of Directors and will not only serve on the Coalition, but will also ensure that the group includes other leaders and persons that will be integral to a diverse and inclusive Community Coalition.

If you’re interested in joining the Community Coalition, please come to our next annual meeting! If you have questions, email


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What does the Coalition do?


The Community Coalition helps to guide the direction of Pittsburgh's bikeshare program, POGOH, holding equity as the core value.  The Coalition serves as a committee to the Board of Directors and holds POGOH accountable for achieving Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion goals as well as providing direct and ongoing feedback about POGOH from a community level.


Areas that the Coalition has direct impact are:

  • Station Placement
  • System Planning & Prioritizing
  • Pricing
  • Branding and Marketing
  • Programming