Community Coalition

POGOH offers a public service in Pittsburgh for all, and we are dedicated to creating the most equitable and inclusive service that reflects the diversity of our city. As POGOH introduces and all-new hardware and software provider in 2021, including the introduction of e-assist bicycles, we will use a diverse coalition of Pittsburgh leaders to help inform the launch, success, and community support of the new system. Pittsburgh Bike Share wants to launch the best bike share program for all of Pittsburgh, and to achieve this, we need more people in the conversation and decision-making process.


Who makes up the Coalition?

Healthy Ride’s primary strategy for accomplishing an Equity-built bike share program is through a Community Coalition composed of:

  • City leadership
  • community leaders
  • BIPOC leaders
  • ADA representatives
  • youth representatives
  • seniors

These leaders serve as a committee to our Board of Directors and will not only serve on the Coalition, but will also ensure that the group includes other leaders and persons that will be integral to a diverse and inclusive Community Coalition.

If you’re interested in joining the Community Coalition, please email


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Community Coalition Resources, Archive, and Discussion – For Members Only

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What does the Coalition do?


The Community Coalition will help guide the relaunch of the bike share program in Pittsburgh, implement key communications and programming over the first 2 years, and provide ongoing oversight following the relaunch. The committee was formed in 2021 and meets monthly for 6 meetings, then will meet quarterly thereafter for 3 years. View the Coalition Calendar below.


Areas that we expect the Coalition to impact are:

  • Station Placement
  • System Planning & Prioritizing
  • Pricing
  • Branding and Marketing
  • Programming


Community members, click the link below to contribute to our map and suggest a station!