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Phase 3 POGOH Expansion

Bike Share Pittsburgh is excited to announce that POGOH will be expanding its network to include an anticipated 53 new stations. POGOH is early in our timeline; stations will not be installed in 2024. As we receive equipment delivery information POGOH will share the installation timeline.


This "Phase 3" expansion includes many former Healthy Ride locations to help restore service to these communities, builds greater density and connectivity in some of our existing neighborhoods, and builds brand new connections in several new neighborhoods.


POGOH needs your feedback! POGOH's expansion team selected each location based on  a variety of factors including customer requests, returning former Healthy Ride locations, filling in coverage gaps, and prioritizing Justice40 neighborhoods. Grant funding requires that 51 of the new stations are located within the city limits, and that 2 are located within Wilkinsburg.


To provide feedback, click on any proposed station and complete the embedded survey. Each survey creates a unique response to that individual so please be sure to select correct station for your comment. General comments can be directed to hello@pogoh.com.

Horizontal Graphics (36 x 24 in)

Want to suggest a new, unique location that's outside of the Phase 3 footprint?

Note that the shaded blue area of the map indicates where POGOH would like to go next!

Phase 3 Proposed Locations:

The following list are grouped into general areas for ease. Cross streets refer to the general intersection where the station is proposed. The first street identifies the street on which the station will be placed with the cross street listed second. For a detailed view, see the Interactive Station Map below.


  • Island Ave & Brighton Rd
  • Juniata St & Fulton St
  • Brighton Ave & California Ave
  • Cedar Ave & E Ohio St
  • Phinneas St & Vinial St


  • 18th St & Monastery
  • Wharton St & 18th St
  • 21st St & Mary St

Downtown & Strip District:

  • Forbes Ave & Smithfield St
  • Third Ave & Wood St
  • 12th St & Penn Ave
  • Penn Ave & 29th St

Hill District:

  • Camp St & Bryn Mawr Rd


  • Howley St & Liberty Ave

Hazelwood & Greenfield:

  • Mansion St & Johnson St
  • Mansion St & Second Ave
  • Loretta St & Murray Ave
  • Nantasket St & Greenfield Ave

Oakland & Schenley Park:

  • Schenley Dr & Darlington Rd
  • Overlook Dr @ Schenley Park Overlook
  • Schenley Dr @ Flagstaff Hill
  • Tech St & Schenley Dr
  • Frew St & Schenley Dr

Homewood & Larimer:

  • Lemington Ave & Montezuma St
  • Apple St & Lincoln Ave
  • Monticello St & Murtland St
  • Frankstown Ave & Lincoln Ave
  • Larimer Ave & Mayflower St


  • Aiken Ave & Walnut St
  • Alder St & Highland Ave

East Liberty:

  • Trade St & Centre Ave
  • Penn Ave & Euclid Ave
  • Broad St & Negley Ave

Highland Park:

  • Stanton Ave & Negley Ave
  • Highland Ave & Reservoir Dr
  • Euclid Ave & Bryant St

Morningside & Stanton Heights:

  • Morningside Ave & Duffield St
  • Greenwood St & Jancy St
  • Stanton Ave & Woodbine St

Point Breeze & Squirrel Hill:

  • Beechwood Blvd & Nicholson St
  • Bartlett St & Murray Ave
  • Murray Ave & Forbes Ave
  • Reynolds St & Gettysburg St
  • Wightman St & Beacon St
  • Wilkins Ave & Beechwood Blvd

Community Meetings


  • Hazelwood Initiative, Community Meeting, Tuesday, May 14, Time & Location TBD
  • Oakland Task Force, Monthly Meeting (closed), Tuesday, May 14, 8am
  • Wilkinsburg Planning Commission, Monthly Meeting (closed), Tuesday, April 2, 6:30pm
  • Polish Hill Civic Association Community Meeting, May 7, 6:30pm, West Penn Rec Center
  • Bloomfield Garfield Corporation, Community Meeting, May 21, 6pm, 113 N Pacific Avenue
  • Polish Hill Civic Association, Tuesday, May 7, 6:30 - 8pm, West Penn Rec Center

Previous Engagements

  • March 20, Community Coalition Annual Meeting, Homewood
  • Lawrenceville United, May Happenings meeting, Thursday, May 9, 6:30-8pm, Location TBD

Phase 3 Expansion Plan

Station Planning

What Makes a Good POGOH Station?

You may hear us refer to “station density” and “connectivity”. These terms relate to how close stations are to one another. Isolated stations do not perform well because POGOH is designed as a network intended for quick trips. Below are some of the primary considerations we make when deciding on an ideal location for a POGOH station.


Each station requires a minimum footprint of 50′ x 6′ for sidewalk, and 50' x 7' for on-street. While POGOH stations can be found on some sidewalks, most Pittsburgh sidewalks do not accommodate stations while allowing for the safe passage for pedestrians. When this is the case, POGOH considers on-road installation.


POGOH stations rely on solar power to maintain internal batteries. Locations that do not receive much sunlight due to urban or natural canopies are not ideal spaces for a station. Furthermore, stations cannot be located underneath infrastructure like bridges, parking garages or buildings as they require a strong cellular network connection.


Stations that are hidden on side streets and away from pedestrian corridors do not see frequent usage. POGOH must be visible and convenient for optimal ridership and station success.


POGOH stations cannot obstruct public utility lines or equipment including fire hydrants or manhole covers. We also take care not to obstruct bus stops, accessible parking spots, or loading zones.

We love to install electric stations whenever we can, so access to power makes for an ideal station!


Isolated stations are not thriving stations. Stations should be no farther than 1/4 mile from another station to ensure a POGOH station is always a short walk from where you are.

Open to the Public

While POGOH stations can be installed on private property with owner approval, all of our stations must be publicly accessible for community use.


Phase 2 Expansion:

Completed Spring 2023

22 Stations

Pierce St @ Negley Busway Station
N Braddock Ave & Frankstown Ave
Hamilton Ave & Fifth Ave
N Braddock Ave & Hamilton Ave
Brighton Rd & Pennsylvania Ave
Wilkinsburg Busway Station Park & Ride
Rosetta St & N Aiken Ave
TCS Hall & Forbes Ave
52nd St & Butler St
17th St & Penn Ave
Bedford Ave & Memory Ln
Centre Ave & Heldman St
7th Ave & Penn Ave
Federal St & W North Ave
W Ohio St & Brighton Rd
S 12th St & E Carson St
S 22nd St & Sydney St
Technology Dr & Bates St
Lytle St & Eliza St
Second Ave & Tecumseh St
Coltart Ave & Forbes Ave
Atwood St & Bates St
S Millvale Ave & Centre Ave

CMUCapstone MAP - Phase 2 Exp Map Final