How it Works

First: Choose How You Want to Ride


Annual Membership

12 months of unlimited 30-minute rentals.


Annual Memberships are great for Pittsburgh residents, especially commuters. Price includes pedal bikes & e-assist bikes.



Mobility Justice Membership

12 months of unlimited 60-minute rentals.

Half Off Overage Fees


Designed for Pittsburgh residents who receive government assistance.

Price includes pedal bikes & e-assist bikes.

$25/200 minutes of ride time

Flex Pass

200 minutes of ride time (3 hours & 20 minutes), expires December 31.

This flexible pass is great for a single rider who doesn't want to stress about time limits.

Price includes pedal bikes & e-assist bikes.

$4/30 mins + $1.50 for e-assist

Pay As You Go

The Pay As You Go Pass allows riders to choose their own adventure! Pedal bikes are $4 per 30 minutes, if you're renting an e-assist bike, you'll be charged an additional $1.50 per 30 minutes.


Pay As You Go is only available on the PBSC App and Transit App.

Group Pricing

Corporate Membership

Get your team riding with POGOH's Corporate Membership. POGOH offers Annual Membership at a significant discount to employers and universities around the Burgh. POGOH can work with you to find a pricing plan that matches your organization's needs.

Then: Rent, Ride, Return... And Repeat!


The PBSC app:
Scan the QR Code on the bike you’d like to rent to unlock


POGOH Membership Card:
1. Mobility Justice Members receive a Membership card in the mail at registration
2. All other riders can request a POGOH Membership Card for a fee


Need help? Want to order a Membership Card? Our Customer Support team is here for you: 412-595-9421


Now the fun begins; go for a ride!

Need help planning your route? Check out the Bike Pittsburgh Bike Map.


1. Slide the bike into an available dock
2. Wait for the green light to confirm the bike is locked


All bikes must be returned at official POGOH stations. Unlike the former Healthy Ride system, riders MAY NOT overflow stations. If there is not an open dock, you must find another nearby station with an open dock.


Bikes left unlocked at stations or that are left unattended anywhere else are subject to fees up to the cost of bike replacement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bike Rentals & Returns
Rules & Safety
Costs, Memberships, and Fees
Mobility Justice Membership & Cash Payment
Mobile Apps


  • I love the bikeshare program because it is a gym membership that I use on a regular basis that is also transportation.

    Mike K.
  • I can easily and quickly get to my destinations. I use [the] bike share program multiple times a day and it has changed my life. It is much faster than walking, the customer service representatives are so kind and helpful, and it is an amazing program that everyone should become a part of.

    Gracie Jean J.
  • It gives me freedom to comfortably and quickly get around the city.

    Liam H
  • I love biking to the Strip and along the river trails due to bike lanes, flat routes and nice scenery. 

    Kim S.