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Pay As You Go Pass

$4 / 30 mins + $1.50 for e-assist

The Pay As You Go Pass allows riders to choose their own adventure!

Use any pedal bike for as long as you'd like at the rate of $4 per half hour.

Use any e-assist bike for as long as you’d like at the rate of $5.50 per half hour.

To get started, download the PBSC App and rent a bike at any POGOH station.

Do I have to return my bike every 30 minutes?

No! With Pay As You Go, you can keep on riding until you want to end your trip. You'll be charged $4/30mins for pedal bike rentals, and $5.50/30mins for e-assist bike rentals until the bike is returned. There are no penalties for taking a trip longer than 30 minutes.


Why can't I purchase Pay As You Go on the website?

Pay As You Go must be paid through the PBSC App. When you're ready to ride, simply log-in to the PBSC App, select Pay As You Go, and rent a bike! You'll need to follow this process each time you rent so make sure you hang on to your log-in information.


Can I rent more than one bike at a time?

Yes. Select the number of bikes you want at the beginning of your rental. You cannot add on more bikes after this selection, so make sure you select the number of bikes you want to rent of this particular rental. Pay As You Go riders can rent up to 4 bikes at one time.


How do you return a POGOH bike?

All POGOH bikes must be returned to an official POGOH station and properly locked into an available dock. Available stations and docks can be viewed with the PBSC app and Transit app.


What happens if I don't return a bike to a station or leave my bike away from a station?

To conclude a rental on your POGOH account, bikes must be returned to an official POGOH station and secured properly in an available POGOH dock by firmly pushing the bike in the dock and holding it there until the green confirmation light appears on the left side of the dock indicating the bike is secured.

We rely on our customers to use the system as it was designed so that we can continue to provide a reliable service.


Service fees* associated with improper returns:

  • Bike found at station unsecured = $25 (+tax) service fee + usage fees
  • Bike located away from a station and unattended = $50 (+tax) service fee + usage fees (fee increases for second and third offenses)
  • Bike unsecured at station resulting in theft = $50 (+tax) Recovery Fee + usage fees
  • Replacement fee for a standard pedal bike = $1,000 +tax
  • Replacement fee for an e-assist bike = $2,500 +tax

*Service fees are subject to change. Please read POGOH's Terms & Conditions for the most up-to-date rider's rental agreement.


What do I do if a station is full?

Check open dock availability in the PBSC or Transit app before you ride. If you arrive at a station and it's full, you'll need to find another station to return. The POGOH team is constantly rebalancing stations so this instance is rare, but we encourage all riders to plan ahead and use the app to avoid this issue.



Have more questions? You can read the full FAQ on the How it Works page.